Having cut as much as you pleased, you may come again.
There is plenty, always a supply.
Cut and Come Again

Grocer is a purveyor

of local farm and artisanal producers’ products. We are focused on supporting local Ontario farmers and producers. We support small business. This supply of products is facilitated through the Cut and Come Again distribution platform. It is a client based co-operative customer only platform. Goods are locally grown and locally sourced.

How it works? Our Purveyor mission has been developed from the originating base business of Cut and Come Again. CCA has developed a geographic network of farms, producers, suppliers of grocery products. The network has been generated by the need from General Stores and small Market Grocery Stores who were looking for a pickup and delivery service. CCA has connected many farmers, artisanal producers, and stores together under daily routine routes in Southern Ontario. As CCA matured and built relationships with suppliers of locally grown produce servicing our clients there became requests for us to expand our relationships with buyers and offer these products to a broader store network.

Once setup as a client to the online portal (click to visit) we will attempt to supply grocery products to stores that exist within the routes we travel.

Our online wholesale offering can be accessed by emailing grocer@cutcomeagain.com. Upon sending us an email we will communicate our ability to deliver to your location. Once becoming a client, you will be able to access our wholesale products for delivery. Our program is best benefitted for you when you choose to purchase multiple products from our mix of grocery categories. Our intent is to develop a weekly routine delivery to your store. Often attempting to be the same day of the week repeatedly. However, given the geographic expanse of our suppliers’ locations, a mixed goods purchase might be delivered over multiple days of the week.

Each mixed product purchase order has a delivery fee. This is what we term our purveyor’s fee. There are no minimum or maximum purchase order thresholds. When a group of products is ordered under one purchase order the delivery charge only applies to the completion of the purchase order regardless of if it takes two or more deliveries to complete the order (One charge multiple deliveries).

To inquire onto the services of Cut and Come Again distribution program contact: contact@cutcomeagain.com
To inquire onto the wholesale services of Grocer at Cut Come Again contact: grocer@cutcomeagain.com