Having cut as much as you pleased, you may come again.
There is plenty, always a supply.
Cut and Come Again

in other words, plenty

The Bruce Grey Simcoe region is rich with mid-size to small family run farms growing organic vegetables, cut flowers and raising pasteurized fowl, chicken and livestock. The farmers mission is to produce quality food in a sustainable manor. Many farms are certified organic which means not using any synthetic fertilizers whereby increasing efficiency in farm production, while aiming to reduce disruption to the ecosystem of this rich agricultural region. Among the many apple orchards and sprouting grape fields the growers are introducing the region to new merchant cideries and boutique wineries. Artisan producers through Bruce Grey and Simcoe are passionate, creative entrepreneurs in sync with the organic farmers philosophy, bringing healthy tasteful products to families. Weekend Farmers Markets, Side Road stores, Fruit and Vegetable stands are plentiful through out the region and flourish during the growing season. The region maintains a variety of excellent restaurants, bakeries and General Stores supporting natural and organic farms, artisanal and fair-trade producers providing for local economic growth and sustainability of the regions farming community.